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You already know that a good diet is absolutely essential for overall health and well-being. You might have a wife or husband that hammers this fact home every time you sit at the dinner table, or maybe even a family physician who reminds you every time you see him. It’s common sense that what you eat will determine how you feel and ultimately how you look. The trick is to put this theoretical knowledge into actual practice in the real world that is the most difficult part for most people. It’s easy enough to tell someone to eat healthy, but sometimes you have to take into account factors like a busy schedule, and overall food budget, or eating patterns that have been ingrained after many years. If you’re looking to lower your cholesterol fast, then sometimes it’s best to start small and build from there. Here are some simple tips on how to lower your cholesterol fast that you can implement today so that you can feel good about your diet immediately.

Choose smart snacks – many people don’t know that snacking is actually a great way to keep your metabolism going and control your hunger as the day goes along. The problem lies in the fact that most people choose high cholesterol foods for snack options rather than fruits or vegetables. Things like chips or fast food are extremely high in saturated fats can they are the worst thing you put into your body in between meals. Remember, no matter how healthy your dinner is or how many salads you have for lunch, you’re still going to experience elevated cholesterol levels if you choose to snack on unhealthy foods.

Get Active – exercise is good for you in so many ways that its value to your overall health can never be overstated. When it comes to cholesterol, exercise can raise your good cholesterol levels by up to 10 percent and that’s nothing to sniff at. When you maintain a regular routine of exercise you can help to lower bad cholesterol while keeping your body chemistry in check. You don’t have to start rock-climbing or running marathons right away, but even something as simple as going for a walk instead of sitting down for a long session of television can help lower cholesterol fast. Just make sure that if you are getting more strenuous exercise that you maintain a diet that will fuel you adequately. Don’t forget about foods high in iron and protein so that you can have enough energy to stay as active as possible.

Eat More fiber – don’t have much time to cook for yourself? Maybe you’re rushed in the morning and don’t think you have time for breakfast? There really is no excuse for not getting enough fiber in your diet since it comes perfectly packaged in so many nutritious foods. Breakfast is the perfect time to interject a bit of fiber into your diet, and don’t forget about the values of fruits and vegetables either. Soluble fiber is an extremely valuable thing that can absorb excess cholesterol in your intestinal tract, help cleanse your body and act as a constipation remedy. You can raise your levels by simply eating a bowl of fiber rich cereal in the morning.


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