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Out of all the nutritional disorders that effect the total population, obesity is the most common and is considered a disease in its own right. Being seriously overweight is an almost certain guarantee that you will suffer from a whole host of other health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, degenerative arthritis and breathing difficulties and if that is not enough, obesity is also closely linked to premature death. .

Slimming pills, vitamin b12 injections, crash diets and miracle cures are usually expensive and long term can be detrimental to your health and for the most part they are usually unsuccessful as you find yourself piling back on the pounds. In fact if your fed up with dieting your not alone, your one of millions of other people who has tried dieting and weight loss diets. It is probably the largest club in the world that has the most unhappiest and frustrated members then any other membership in the world. To fail at losing weight is devastating and at the very least frustrating and boring, despite this there are a multitude of diets for quick weight loss within the market place from high protein to low carbohydrate diets and there are numerous self help books available that claim to change the way you eat through mind over matter techniques and inspirational healthy eating quotes and if your one of the many millions looking to lose weight you can be sure to find a book or diet available that claims to help you to lose weight.

Most of them do not work, the reason is that what these diets and books tend to conveniently overlook is the key factor in obesity which is the basic metabolic rate, this is the efficiency with which your body burns up the fuel that you consume as food. We are each uniquely different, therefore so is our metabolic rate which is why no one diet is going to be suitable for everybody. Another key factor that is ignored is these diets are uable to take into account health factors such as thyroid problems, insulin resistance and certain drugs that can also effect a persons weight gain and need to be addressed.

To put it simply low calorie weight loss tips don’t work because your metabolism actually slows down to conserve energy as you reduce your calorie input. at the end of a week or so of reducing your calorie a day consumption to say a thousand calories a day, you end up feeling feel tired, hungry, irritable and desperate and then you follow this with a day or so of binge eating which then piles back on all the weight loss and so you begin to set a pattern of yo yo dieting.

If after reading this you feel at a loss and are wondering what will inspire me now to lose weight, actually reaching your ideal weight is not as difficult as it may first appear. Ultimately its about making simple changes to your eating practices that will become habit forming over time, don’t get caught up on how to lose belly fat fast. You are going to have to force yourselfe to break bad habits and elimiate, sugar, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, white carbohydrates and starchy foods and instead including an abundance of vegetables, fruit and whole grains that has been sourced from from fresh, seasonal and natural foods.

Overtime you will find that weight loss comes naturally as the foods you eat are actually cleansing your body and once you reach your ideal weight you will be able to maintain this easily, your energy and vitality levels will improve and you will find you have a renewed sense of health and well being, one that is guaranteed to last for a very long time.


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