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Did you know that over 30 million people in the United States are suffering from low bone density? You can add to that number another 9 million Americans are suffering from osteoporosis. Next to our heart, our bone health is one of the most vital yet over looked parts of our body. We all tend to know about taking calcium and vitamin D to support bone growth and give us stronger bones. These are a great start but there are several other nutrients that may be just a powerful if not more. You may be saying to yourself that you are young and you exercise so you don’t need to take any bone supplements. What you may not know is that we all lose bone mass with age, every one of us, no matter how healthy. While its true that your exercise level, supplement intake and gender can play into your risk level for osteoporosis, even your genetics may determine your risk. Despite any predispositions you may have, it is important to know that your bone health can degrade slowly and with out any symptoms. Here are some supplements you can take to help reduce your chance of low bone density.


This is clearly the most popular choice out there and with reason. Though due to its composition you will rarely find this supplement added in with a multivitamin, so you are faced with having to buy this supplement separately on its own. When looking for a this supplement you want one that also have vitamin D and preferably comes in an organic from such as calcium citrate, these forms are most easily absorbed into your body. The ultimate organic calcium is algae based calcium. If you insist on taking inorganic forms such as calcium carbonate, it is important that you take them with food for maximum absorbancy, otherwise the supplement may pass through your body completely untouched. Dose wise, it is recommended that adults (21-52) take approximately 1,000 mg on a daily basis.


There has been some resent research that points to a link between vegetable intake and over all bone health. The nutrient that is coming up during this research is lycopene. Yes is this is the same carontenoid nutrient we all associate with tomatoes and ketchup. Lycopene may reduce the oxidative process and slow bone deterioration, especially in women. It has also been shown to slow bone turnover (which is the balance between the bodies natural replacement of old bone tissue with new bone growth). The suggested dose is 25-75 mg daily.


This is another supplement that come up a lot during discussions about bone health, which should be not surprise as more than half of the bodies magnesium is stored in our bones. Magnesium actually helps activate vitamin D in the body, and can also influence absorption and metabolism. The older you get the more body actually excretes magnesium and the slower it is to absorb magnesium back into the body. Taking too much magnesium at once can upset your stomach to it is important to spread the doses throughout the day. It is suggested you take 75-125 mg three times a day


I am sure you have read about the various vitamin D benefits, amongst those is (as we all know) is its role in bone health. What most of us don’t know is why is plays such an important role or what it really does. Vitamin D actually acts as a agent that helps your bones absorb the calcium they need, if you are not getting enough vitamin d your body will not be able to absorb calcium as well as it should. You should be getting most of your vitamin D from leafy greens such as kale and chard, it is okay to take vitamin D supplements, but the majority should come form greens. I also want to point out that we don’t get any where near the required levels of vitamin D from sunshine, so don’t fool yourself thinking if you work outside all day you are good in the vitamin D and vitamin E department.


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