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Neti pots have been used for centuries to rinse the nostrils and get rid of different irritants, dust and germs. The idea is to find the right model that will properly fit into the nostril. You should also look for designs that are easy to clean and maintain afterwards. Learn more about salt solutions and determine how the experts and frequent users do sessions to make the most out of your investment. You’ll be glad to resort to this natural home remedy first before taking over the counter medications. Here are some more tips.

What salt is best to use?

Aromatic neti pot salt is specifically made to rinse the nasal passages, using only high quality and pure natural salt. This type of salt has zero iodine, no free-flowing agents and no anti-caking agents. The salt will dissolve immediately and fully once you mix it in water. The resulting solution is smooth and gentle on the nasal passages, sinus and other tissues. This is also very good because it fights fungi, virus, and bacteria and reduces inflammation. You will also notice that aromatic neti pot salt feels good in your nostrils and smells good. Do not use traditional table salt or rock salt because these usually include iodine and other agents that might further the irritation.

Are neti pots useful for people with deviated septum?

Several individuals have successfully used neti pots even with a deviated septum. The process will not straighten the septum but you will find that flushing and washing out the nasal area gets rid of debris, dust, mucus and other irritants. You will also find reduction in inflammation and proper fluid drawing, thereby putting your tissues and passages back to normal. You will breathe better and avoid crusting and mucus buildup with neti pots.

If one nostril is blocked, you might be able to flush and flow the solution in one nostril only, depending on where the blockage is located. You will have to wait a few seconds to observe how the solution moves and flushes out. After using the neti pot, blow your nose to take out debris, water and mucus. Move your head to let trapped water out effectively.

Can kids use neti pots?

Yes. Children as young as 2 to 3 years old can safely and effectively use neti pots, provided that there is parental supervision. Kids usually enjoy the feeling of flushing out mucus and debris from their nose and sinus. Have your child practice the activity first before you use the actual device. If your child finds it difficult to flush out the mucus, you might want to consult a doctor first. Do not force the child to use the neti pot if he’s not familiar or do not want to participate.

What problems can neti pots cure?

Neti pots can effectively take care of different nasal and breathing problems. You can expect very good results when trying to treat allergies from pollen, dust or animal fur. Hay fever, cough and colds can also be treated in just a few days. Some experts agree that neti pots can also be useful in the treatment of ear, nose and throat infections. The passages in the head are linked and closely associated, so clearing the nasal passages and sinuses will also improve other related areas. It’s ideal to start sessions once a day. If you see improvements, you may reduce treatment to 3 to 4 times each week.

Where can I get neti pots?

Neti pots are available at pharmacies, health food stores and online. These are priced anywhere between $10 and $30 depending on the make, source and type. Compare products and see which one best suits your needs and preference.


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